All you’ll need is a bow, some arrows, and something to shoot at.

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to share with you the passion for traditional archery.

Whether you’re new to archery, or an experienced archer and you’re interested in traditional archery, John’s Archery is offering exceptional service in case you need archery equipment, support, or just have some questions.

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Here you are. That John guy's bio...

At a very young age of 54 years, John started shooting a few arrows a day while on vacation.

For the next 4 years, John would shoot each vacation and was convinced that he would buy his own bow and arrows.

At the age of 59 years, and after shooting dozens of arrows (about 5 or 6 dozen), John bought his own bow and arrows.

He practised each day in his yard with his 12 arrows from June until August before joining a local archery club.

John shot weekly at the local club for the next few years, going to many tournaments in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick, became a very good shooter and was successful at many tournaments.

In April 2021, John opened his own archery business, John’s Archery, to supply traditional archers with all of the equipment and supplies they would need.

John’s business venture was not only supported by his wife, Karen but also by his good friends Joe MacHoll, MacHoll IT-Services and Bridget Benz, owner of ‘The Barn’.

John is now the NCCP coach for ‘The Barn’.

They still love John but sometimes they just have to beat him!

Archery on Cape Breton Island

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Bras d'Or Archers Association

Traditional & Compound

Cape Breton Bowmen

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Our brand new indoor shooting facility is now open.
Try-Archery seven days a week from 1o:00 am to 8:00 pm.
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All Courses and try-it events are taking place at:
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